Amanda Rogers

Her first recording endeavor was Here and Nowhere in 1999.  A string of pop songs tinged with a touch of garage rock, showcasing songs of teen angst, love, life, and the many confusing emotions of a teenager. Her second recording was a guerilla-style secret recording worked on one day of the week for of couple months along with her friend Grant Capes. A much darker recording than before, Amanda was now honing her skills at incorporating her classical background into her song writing. Many shows later… Amanda was introduced to friends at Immigrant Sun Records out of Brooklyn, NY. She showed them The Grant Sessions EP, and soon she was off to record her first  Indie-label recording. She flew to California to record with her friend Grant Capes again. The 2003 release, The Places You Dwell, was the outcome of this organic, analog, lo-fi, ambient experience, “I wanted it to be haunting. I wanted the listener to feel like it was for their ears alone. I call it bedroom ambience.” With this record, Amanda soon started touring more rampantly. With her aleotoric music,  she even caught the attention of major labels.

She went on to record Daily News in 2004. This record gained her a lot of deserved attention from t.v., radio, and press. Her songs were maturing and her sound was becoming hers alone with her strong lyrics,arrangements, melodies, and harmonies. You can even hear her hinting at her new found love of the Tin Pan Alley sound with it’s jazz and blues influence. Amanda was then touring the U.S., Canada, and Europe supporting many emo, hardcore, pop-rock, and punk bands all of which are name-dropper worthy. In Germany she met her friends at 2nd Records who later released Daily News in Europe which helped to further burgeon her fanbase. This overwhelming response to her music was a bit much for a young solo artist who was also wearing the hat of manager, booking agent,PR, and accountant. So when she did a tour with her long time touring friends “Jupiter Sunrise” on a 3 month long stint across the U.S., and then was asked to join their band, of course she said yes.  A change was just what she thought she was looking for.  For over 2 years she lived and toured with them in a vegetable oil-powered R.V., during which time they did all of Vans Warped Tour 2005 as well as nearly 500 other shows. Also in 2005, Amanda again recorded with her friend Grant Capes and released Something Borrowed, Something Blue which was a 5 song e.p.  of 3 originals and 2 covers showcasing Rogers’ indie roots and love of art-rock. This record also fulfilled Amanda’s deal with Immigrant Sun Records.

In 2006, the band called it quits. With no home and no money, Amanda had to re-evaluate what she was doing with her life. Music was the obvious and best choice and some universal power made it a possibility to start anew. She went to Los Angeles, California in April of 2007 to record another full-length record with producer Warren Huart (the Fray, Anna Nalick, Augustana) and Dan Rothchild (Tonic, Fiona Apple) and a more than stellar backing band including David Levita (Alanis Morrisette) on guitars, Dan Rothchild on bass, and Travis Mcnabb (Better than Ezra) on drums. This record would be her most upbeat and positive record to date.

“Heartwood”, Amanda’s long-awaited 6th record was released on August 8th, 2008 with friends at Expect Candy Records in Germany, and on D.I.T. records in the U.S. Do It Together Records is an artist collective/label Amanda started to help indie artists work together to release and promote their music on their own terms. Most of 2009 was spent running D.I.T., touring extensively throughout Europe and the U.S. for Heartwood, Guest appearing on three records (Arms and Sleepers, DriftDivision, and Uphill Racer), Creating a sustainable clothing company called Recycle My Heart, and becoming part of a Duo called The Pleasants with Mike Matta (The Sketchy Indians).
The Pleasants were born in the green mountains of Vermont atop moss covered hills under the shade of giant pines, the simplicity and stillness being the inspiration for their original bucolic sound. Forests And Fields was their first recording endeavor, recorded with their neighbors at Mt. Hollywood Studios in Belmont, VT. This record was released in Spring 2010 on D.I.T. Records in the U.S, Friend Of Mine Records in Japan in the Fall of 2010, and Make My Day Records in Europe in the Winter of 2010. Much of 2010 and 2011 was dedicated to touring with The Pleasants in the U.S. and Europe. Amanda had 8 Secret Solo dates in Europe at the end of 2011 to promote GreatApes, a Collection of unreleased songs and demos from 1998-2006. The Pleasants recorded their sophomore album, REVOLT, simultaneously while Amanda started her next solo record in VT. they softly released Revolt in the Fall of 2012 and shortly after their European Co-Headline tour (Amanda Rogers/The Pleasants) in support of that album, The Pleasants disbanded.

January of 2012, Amanda’s highly anticipated album, Hope From The Forgotten Woods, which was conceived and written 3 years prior to recording. During her other musical explorations, those songs sat and simmered in her heart and mind, and the story began to unfold – revealing a dark and intimate soundscape, supporting the confessions of a would-be serial killer full of pain, passion, vengeance, and liberation. This Album was recorded over a few weeks at Mt. Hollywood Studios in Vermont. All sounds were performed, engineered, produced and mixed by Amanda herself, which further creates the personal and in-depth concept. This Album was released April 27th, 2012 through Make My Day Records (Europe) and Do It Together Records (U.S.). After much acclamation from press, and briefly touring in support of this album, Amanda was struck with a burst of creative spirit, so she immediately got back to work in the studio.

There couldn’t be a more befitting title for Amanda Rogers’ 9th double-album release boldly called WILD for it’s meaning fully describes the very creation of the album – from her fortuitous return to her home city, Syracuse, NY, to the process of her writing and recording it. Amanda’s foolhardy and spontaneous decision to return home was the happy accident that lead her to Subcat Studios, a recording studio in the heart of Syracuse, where she met up with Engineer/Co-Producer Jon Lessels. The two shared an uncanny passion for the same music of the 90’s, and when it came to music production and their tousled blonde hair, they were like a matching pair of gloves. Amanda had written more than 30 songs by the end of Summer 2013 which these new musical partners quickly demo-ed as they poured out. They live-tracked everything and nothing was scrapped. With only a few final additions, these unrestricted demo recordings transformed into what became the final album. The realization that it was a bona-fide album was ample reason to enlist Patrick MacDougall(Heart, Joss Stone, SuperHeavy, The Band,…) for mixing, who had recently returned to Syracuse after his 26 years working as a recording engineer in L.A. WILD captures Amanda’s raw and uninhibited performances, candid conversations, and the tangle of emotions found sweeping through a fresh and uncharted territory. WILD marked a triumphant return to organic songwriting and recording, paying homage to the authentic creative process – reminiscent of the classic songwriting from the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s, splashed with the raw-edges and fearlessness of the 90’s. WILD was self-released world-wide April 2, 2014 through Do It Together Records.

Amanda Toured throughout East Coast U.S. and Europe in 2014 in support of WILD. During 2014, she had also created the monthly live-recorded sessions concert series at Subcat Music Studios called The Sub Rosa Sessions which is still running and not only keeping the local music scene fresh with infusions of artists from all over the world, but giving a much-needed home for the original songwriters of Syracuse to showcase their music and the serious listeners in Syracuse to enjoy the songs in an acoustically perfect environment.
In 2015, Amanda teamed up with local band, The Goodkids, for a fun and soulful collaboration; her backing them on their songs, and visa versa. Such camaraderie was felt with these local players during this collaborations, that it became the basis for Amanda’s upcoming 10th Solo album which she is currently in the studio working on, tentatively called “Blue” and possibly a part II of a trilogy starting with WILD.
Stay tuned for new album and tour info!


“Forever inspired by the mysteries of the universe, and forever propelled by the laws of Quantum Mechanics, Amanda is on an endless path of creativity so you can always expect to find her up to something new and unusual.”

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