Recycle My Heart

Recycle My heart is an eco-friendly clothing and accessories company on ETSY. EVERYTHING in this shop is either hand-picked awesomely vintage items from my closet or I have handmade it from reused, reclaimed, repaired, repurposed materials because we live in a society of excess and waste where beautiful things are discarded everyday. Recycle My Heart helps to keep some of this treasure out of the landfills and back in your closet! If you found my shop, then you must love this planet too! Thank you! Because I am an Artist, Environmentalist,and Vegan – I hope to bring awareness about sustainable living and why recycling is so important. There are 101 ways to remake a used-tshirt and I hope to discover them all so we can minimize the collective carbon footprint our fellow humans have burdened us and our future generations with! I hope you make eco-conscious purchases and become a conscious consumer wherever you may be shopping!

November 8th, 2011-Looking for eco-friendly, hand-made, and one-of-a-kind gifts for the holidays? Inspired by the winter chill, I have been making stuff at the studio in Vermont while between recording session! More items will be added everyday! Take a look see!

July 10th, 2011- Fresh Etsy start! I have only 4 tshirts remaining on Etsy and will soon be adding my latest creations! I have been making things I can easily work on while in a moving vehicle on tour and with materials that don’t take up too much precious storage space in the van. You’ll have to just wait until I add them to the shop to see!

March 1st, 2011 РI have undergone an ASTRONOMICAL CLOSET CLEAN-OUT!!! As tradition, before I leave for every tour, I try to give my closet a comb-through and donate or share all of the garments I have picked up from vintage shops, rummage sales, and antique shops around the world. This time I decided to make these treasures available to everyone! I will be adding stuff  everyday until the start of the tour! Check it out!

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