The Pleasants

The Pleasants’ sound inspires images of moss covered forest floors stamped with the forgotten footprints of our own childhood adventures. Their lyrics contain an essence of Calvin and Hobbes casually conveying the common concepts of the universe. As Visions Magazine puts it, “To completely enjoy all of the lyrical finesse of [Forests And Fields] it is best to lean back, and warm your fur like a [Tiger] in the sun relaxing in the leaves of the trees.” With all this attention to nature, it’s not surprising to find that The Pleasants were born in the Green Mountains of Vermont in a town with more deer than people. Despite their natural inclination toward nature, these bucolic anarchist peasants hitch up their wagon for every show, and head straight into the hearts of the machine-made mazes of micro-chip madness we know as cities. The frequent journeys from the 100 Acre Woods to Packingtown, USA have heavily influenced this “haunting music [The Pleasants] have created on their debut album, “Forest and Fields”. (Tip Berlin, Dec ’10)

Amanda Rogers and Mike Matta are the adventurous Vegan duo whose blend of musical forces compose The Pleasants’ unique brand of Recession Rock . This dynamic couple was brought together by a number of conveniently cosmic events, with Ms. Amanda Rogers starring as the dogmatic touring songstress and Mr. Michael Matta as an uninhibited impressionable vagabond. At first, these two careless creatures did not create music together. No, they took their time, soaking in all of the strange and beautiful scenarios life presented to them on the road. Once Mike finally picked up the guitar and started singing, Amanda was thrilled, and happily harmonized him from the other room amid her crafting. It was as if these two people were wandering lost in the woods only to find each other and realize that they were singing the same song.

With these songs recorded, they were suddenly faced with their friends, family, and fans, politely demanding a name put to this “pleasant-smelling meadow music”. (Rolling Stone (DE), Dec ’10) Thus they were deemed, “The Pleasants” and they headed off on their first US tour to promote the DIT Records release of, “Forests And Fields”. They kept the drives short, on average an hour per show, and they found another home away from home in Virginia and Louisana. Then with the Make My Day Records release of “Forests And Fields” in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland they were met by such widespread media approval that it sparked a buzz that filled and warmed every cold snowy night of The Pleasants 2010 European Tour. “Forests And Fields” was then released in Japan by Friend Of Mine Records. Now with their US and European tours for 2011 under their belt and Tours already set for 2012 alongside their upcoming sophomore release, REVOLT, self-released Summer of 2012, The Pleasants have to be creative in finding time to sew the seeds of this years crop.

**news update**
The Pleasants’ debut album “Forests And Fields” marked the birth of musical project. Their sophomore release, “REVOLT”, marked the death of that very project. It was an unintentional musical statement that when you listen to both albums back to back, you can hear the shift.The lyrics and artwork of each album is also full of imagery and symbols that further support the birth and death parallel.

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